Incident Response

Enlist our security experts to help you plan for, detect, manage, and mitigate cyber incidents.


What is Incident Response?

Incident Response (IR) is the process or set of procedures used by an organization to deal with a cyberattack or data breach. The primary goal is to minimise the damage and disruption caused by attacks while restoring operations as quickly as possible. Lessons learned from IR activities are also used to inform prevention and mitigation strategies to enhance the overall security posture.


Common threats our Incidence Response services address

Business Email Compromise

Advanced Persistent Threats

Malware, keyloggers and backdoors

Insider Threats


Web application attacks

Targeted IP theft

Supply chain attacks


We aim to rapidly contain the breach and smoothly guide you to recovery with minimal business disruption and your reputation intact.


Our approach to Incident Response

Our Incident Response team provides support across the prepare, respond and recover phases of a cyber crisis or incident.
1Pre-Incident Preparation
This is a critical step in the planning process as it ensures that all aspects of the IR plan, from execution to resources, are approved and organised in advance. It includes the rehearsal and review of the IR plan and appropriate documentation, allocation of IR resources, threat intelligence feeds, latest threat landscape, etc.
2Detection & Analysis
We'll identify and measure the level of compromises in the organization. The incident will be prioritized based on the scope, operational and business impact of the incident. All immediate action required to be taken will be highlighted.
3Containment, Eradication, and Recovery
We'll work to contain the breach to prevent further damage and minimize operational impact. Upon containment, an in-depth analysis will be performed to determine the root cause of the incident. The IR team will then search and eradicate any remaining harmful artefacts in the environment. Any necessary patches or backups will be highlighted and the IR team will assist in the restoration of normal operations as quickly as possible, taking steps to ensure the same assets are not attacked again.
4Post-Incident Reporting
A full incident report will be provided and presented which will include the details of each phase and the findings and analysis from the IR team. Recommendations and preventive measures will also be provided to the stakeholders to further strengthen the environment.

On-site and remote incident response services

Whether you need help in an emergency or long-term support to boost your incident response procedures, our experts are available 24/7 to assist you across the incident lifecycle. Our incident response services include: