Attack Surface Management

Continuously monitor your entire attack surface to improve your security posture.


What is Attack Surface Management?

With the rush to digital transformation for many organizations, attack surfaces have grown exponentially and have become that much harder to define and defend. Add that to the rise in cyberattacks and breaches, and attack surface management becomes essential for preventing breaches and reducing cybersecurity risk.

Operate securely in an evolving threat environment

Proactively mitigate cybersecurity risks by monitoring your attack surface, discovering leaked sensitive information, and protecting your data.

Instantly Assess Your Security Posture

Understand your security posture with always up-to-date security ratings. Our solution groups risk into 6 categories: website risks, email security, network security, phishing & malware, reputation risk, and brand protection.

Continuous Security Monitoring of Entire Attack Surface

Monitor assets 24/7/365 for newly discovered security vulnerabilities, weaknesses, misconfiguration, and compliance issues.

Utilize Real-Time Data to Drive Remediation Process

Real-time data powers workflows to track progress and know exactly when issues are fixed.

Continuous Risk Monitoring that Scales With Your Organization

Optimize security investments .Easily scalable infrastructure.