Penetration Testing

Protect business-critical data with CREST Accredited penetration testing.


Discover hidden weaknesses in your organization’s security

Our CREST-accredited penetration testing service is designed to assess the security posture of your organization’s IT environment. Our cyber security consultants are technology agnostic and go beyond automated scanning tools, manually identifying, classifying and addressing security gaps in your environment. We remove false positives from the scan results, help prioritize the identified vulnerabilities, and provide ongoing support and guidance to best mitigate them.

When to do a penetration test

Making significant changes to infrastructure

New product launches

Undergoing a merger or acquisition

Before undertaking a formal compliance audit

Utilizing and/or developing custom applications.

Product procurement.


Why perform a penetration test


Which penetration test does your business need?

Below are the most common types of penetration tests employed:
1Network Penetration Testing
Manual, comprehensive, rigorous testing to investigate your network for vulnerabilities. We can then establish if any assets can be compromised, classify risks posed to your network, prioritize vulnerabilities, and recommend actions to mitigate risks identified.
2Wireless Network Testing
Wireless networks often make for easily accessible entry points for adversaries. We identify vulnerabilities, quantify possible damage they could cause, and determine steps for remediation.
3Application and API Security Review
We conduct automated and manual penetration testing to determine the extent at which vulnerabilities can be exploited and how they affect the security integrity of the application. This allows us to provide knowledge on how to build a robust application security posture.
4Web Application Security Testing
Web applications are vital to business success for many companies and are an attractive target for hackers. Vigilant Asia provides web application penetration testing to help organizations understand and patch vulnerabilities in all application functions, APIs, and data flows.
5Social Engineering
Social engineering is a reliable and proven technique for cybercriminals to bypass security controls and gain unauthorized access to systems and information. Our social engineering penetration testing service can include different attacks such as phishing, USB drops, or impersonation that a person could face during the course of their work.
6Mobile Application Security Testing
Mobile applications are a central aspect of many businesses today. We utilize the latest development frameworks and best-in-class security testing tools in our comprehensive mobile application penetration tests.
7Firewall Review
Firewall configurations can easily become outdated. Our penetration testing service detects unsafe configurations and recommends steps to optimize security and throughput.
8Intelligence-Led Penetration Testing
Intelligence-Led penetration testing uses threat intelligence and attack simulations to provide assurance to organizations that they have appropriate countermeasures and responses to detect and prevent cyber-attack. Our penetration tests are considered to be the most realistic form of assurance service within the sector.

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