Safeguard your Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) devices.


Why IoT/OT protection?

Many OT networks in use today were not designed with security in mind and cannot be protected with traditional IT security mechanisms. Meanwhile, the IoT is enabling a new wave of innovation with a countless number of connected devices, hence increasing the attack surface and risk. Our IoT/OT security solution is a unified security solution for identifying IoT/OT devices, vulnerabilities, and threats. Secure your business’s entire IoT/OT environment, from protecting existing IoT/OT devices to building security into new IoT innovations.

Unified threat protection for all your IoT/OT devices

We offer two sets of capabilities to fit your environment's needs:

End-User Organizations

Agentless, network-layer security that is rapidly deployed, integrates easily with diverse industrial equipment and other SOC tools, and has zero impact on IoT/OT network performance or stability. It can be deployed on-premises or in hybrid environments.

IoT Device Builders

Lightweight agents to embed device-layer security into new IoT/OT initiatives.

Protect IoT and OT environments with agentless monitoring