Breach and Attack Simulation

Hack yourself to secure the future of your business.


What is Breach and Attack Simulation?

Breach and attack simulation (BAS) is an advanced cyber security testing method that emulates adversary behavior to measure and manage cybersecurity effectiveness and improve security operations. Automated simulations are employed to continuously challenge, assess, and optimize security controls across the full cyber kill chain, akin to continuous, automated penetration testing.

Attack yourself before hackers do

Getting breached is the surest way to discover your enterprise’s cybersecurity weaknesses.

Measure and Manage Security Effectiveness

Test and validate cyber defenses via automated simulations.

Uniting Threat and Risk Management

BAS capabilities help security leaders validate their compliance and risk management framework effectiveness, and validate that security controls work as intended at scale.

Enterprises can take a more aggressive approach towards maintaining security across all aspects of their security environment