Third-Party Risk Management

Reduce security risks from vendors, customers, regulators, or other partners with whom your enterprise is directly associated with.


Why Third-Party Risk Management?

Whether your organization is large or small, creating and maintaining relationships with third parties brings about multiple risks. Third-party risk exposes an organization to supply chain attacks, data breaches, and reputational damage. Our solution continuously monitors your third parties, automates security questionnaires, and reduces third and fourth-party risk.


Proactively mitigate cybersecurity risks

Operate securely in an evolving threat environment by preventing third-party data breaches, and discovering potential vendor risks, all the while complying with regulations.
1Monitor Third-Party Security Posture
Find, monitor, and assess your third-party’s security posture. Track their performance over time, and compare them against industry benchmarks. Our solution groups risk into 6 categories: website risks, email security, network security, phishing & malware, reputation risk, and brand protection.
2Automate Security Questionnaires
Accelerate your assessment process with pre-built questionnaire tools.
3Prioritize and Drive Third-Party Remediations With Real-Time Data
Utilize dashboards displaying real-time data to simplify and accelerate your third-party remediation process.
4Scalable Continuous Risk Monitoring
Easily scale up from one to thousands of third parties to monitor.
5Zero Setup Required
Sign on and get instant insights into your third-party risk.
Follow industry requirements and best practices.